Collide (Collide, #1) - Gail McHugh
Because I hated the ending this book gets a 2.5 otherwise based on the plot of the story, I would have given it a 3.5.

It’s the typical boy meets girl type of story. . Gavin sees Emily and falls head over feet in LOVE with her at first sight.

She’s being chased and wooed by a charming sexy man all throughout the book, who by the way matches her wit and character very well, but she chooses to have no backbone and stays with her boyfriend Dillon. Instead of being the typical naïve, I think the heroine is silly and stupid. She has a cheater and abuser for a boyfriend and she loves him for whatever reason….and to top it off, the book ends terrible.

Cliffhanger?!?....REALLY, after all of this, you give me a Cliffhanger?...WOW!